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Harrison High School and the Congressional Election


Harrison High School and the Congressional Election


There is no doubt that voting in the congressional elections is not popular.

Presidential elections oftentimes see a larger voter turnout, with about sixty percent of eligible voters arriving at the polls on average according to The Center for Voting and Democracy.

That’s a far cry from the average 40 percent during congressional election season.

Certainly, the congressional elections are not as glamorous as presidential elections, however they are equally if not more important.

Those in Congress effect the American way of life on a national and local level and they set up the political baseline for the next four years.

In recent years, our country has experienced turbulence in the White House.

This can be blamed, in part, on the polarization of parties and an unwillingness to compromise.

Though the problem cannot be solved simply by voting in the congressional elections, it will enable our governmental system to better represent its population.

If a large congressional turnout were to occur, our government would be employing those who we find suitable and those with our best interests in mind.

Our party system is not perfect, and it will not be, but voting in your congressional elections allows American citizens to participate in government and attempt to change their lives through whatever means they’ve been afforded.

The President is only one part of our government; the legislative branch is the best way to assist or combat the president and with the traditionally poor voter turnout, the likelihood of an effective legislative branch that challenges the president as well as compromises is slim.

We must take into consideration, then, that there are Harrison High School students that are a part of the eligible voting population and as a member of this population, we have the opportunity to alter the course of our state and nation.

Voting is not just for your parents.

Political activism can and should be a part of a young adult’s life as well.

We are no longer a dependent population.

We have the ability to create change.

We are capable of being informed, influential citizens, and it all starts with your vote.

Please go to your local voting centers.

If you would like to know who is running this election, please go to

West Lafayette is in district four.

You can vote at the Battleground Fire Station, Morton Community Center, Purdue Memorial Union, and Lafayette City Hall.