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A Night With Gary Johnson


A Night With Gary Johnson

Sarah White

With the presidential election quickly approaching, the two main candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, are realizing they have another opponent: Gary Johnson.

For those who don’t know, Gary Johnson is running along with Bill Weld for the libertarian party, and last night, Johnson stopped by Purdue to have a public conversation with Mitch Daniels about his campaign and beliefs.

As someone who has gone to other political rallies in the past, I went in with certain expectations of how the night would go. However, Johnson’s time was very different than anything I’ve been to before.

The minute I walked through the doors, the atmosphere was entirely relaxed. There were no protesters, and no metal detectors or security guards. This was a stark contrast to last year’s Bernie Sanders rally, where there were many groups of protesters shouting from the sidewalks, and pro-life supporters driving around trucks with graphic images of aborted fetuses plastered on the sides.

The night began with Mitch Daniels introducing Johnson, who opted for a conversation-like speaking platform rather than the typical speech, creating a more comfortable atmosphere.

I took a seat towards the back, and began taking notes on the several speaking points made.

Before this event, I knew very little about Johnson’s political stance and spent a lot of my time writing down what exactly he supports and what he’s against.

To sum up his basic platform, Johnson described himself as fiscally responsible and socially inclusive, with a focus on free trade and a small government.

Johnson also said he was “born with an overdose of common sense,” and that was the basis of many of his beliefs.

A few of the major issues discussed were drug legalization, gun control, the death penalty, military and defense spending, and immigration.

Johnson is pro-marijuana legalization, and described the issue as one of health rather than criminal.

Johnson also supports guns, but does believe there are things that need to be done to keep our guns from getting into the wrong hands.

He is against the death penalty, as the error rate is up to 4 percent now.

He wants to reduce defense spending by 20 percent, and believes that immigration can only help our nation’s economy.

No matter what your political beliefs are, and whether you support Johnson or not, Johnson says “A wasted vote, is voting for someone you don’t believe in,” reminding us all to get out and vote this election season.