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Intramural Basketball Coming to an End

Rachael Lehman

Intramural Basketball is a way that some students can represent themselves without playing basketball for the team at Harrison. Playing a high school sport is a very big commitment, so if students want to still play without all of the pressure, they can play for an intramural team.

Many students get involved in this competition.

“When we have free time,” Pete Newton said, “we do a lot of team bonding and fun stuff together.”

They meet every at 7:30 on Saturday mornings to play games on a round-robin schedule. The organizers of these games set up who is playing who and keep track of the results.

They play two 15-minute halves with a running clock. All of these games are just practice rounds until they get into the single elimination tournament, which began February 11.

“The tournament,” Newton said, “is all that matters.”

Newton said that “phenomenal ball movement is pretty much all our offense is, but we also run a motion offense that allows us to do whatever we want.”

The final four tournament included the teams Purple Rain, DOFH, Goodwill Hunting, and Ortman Rising Stars. The winners were the Ortman Rising Stars.

Adam Menard, from the winning team, said, “We had a goal before the season that we wanted to win every single game in order to clinch the (No.) 1 seed for the tournament.”

The Ortman Rising Stars include Derek Riffert, Brandon Knipp, Adam Menard, Konnor Wilson, Trey Cochran, Trevor Hewitt, Cole Bradley, Neil Hart, Max Hanas, Eliot Champion, and Dylan Levesque.

“Most of the game, it was really close,” Menard said. “At one point, it looked like we were going to let it slip away.”

In the end, the games were getting very intense and there was a lot of pressure put on these teams.

Most of the students that play in this are very competitive, and this tournament is the biggest accomplishment they will have for a long time.

“Winning this tournament was an awesome feeling of accomplishment, and that is something I will never forget,” Menard said.