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Madren Triplets Are Equally Siblings and Friends


Madren Triplets Are Equally Siblings and Friends

Harley Gifford

Imagine having two best friends with you throughout your whole life.

Daniel Madren, a senior at Harrison High School, is a triplet with sisters Amy and Eleana.

The Madrens are easily recognizable as triplets due to their similar looks and personalities, as well as their interests.

Daniel recently won the soccer state championship with the Raiders. His sisters are soccer players for Harrison, as well.

The three have been playing soccer ever since they were toddlers.

The Madrens are all planning on going to Purdue. All three are interested in a career that will help others, whether it’s medicine or missionary.

“I definitely think that we could never really separate too far,” says Amy when asked about their futures.

The three have been close throughout their lives.

“I like the fact that we always have a friend to count on,” says Daniel. “I know that my sisters will always be there for me, and they know for sure that I will always be there for them.”

Daniel never goes to a Purdue football game without one of them by his side.

The triplets not only share their common interest in soccer and Purdue, but they also love dogs and McAlister’s Deli.

“It’s funny because people have that stereotype of, ‘Oh you guys probably think the same things. You have twin telepathy,’ and we honestly sometimes do,” Daniel says. “Mom will be like, ‘What do you guys want for dinner?’ and we’ll all say McAlister’s at the same time.”

Even though the triplets are quite alike, they do have differences in their personalities.

Daniel is the benevolent one who follows all the rules.

“One time we were crossing the street, and he was like, ‘Guys, we have to go down to the crosswalk,’” Eleana says. “And he really did. We were already at the car for like five minutes, and he was just coming up to the car because he went down to the crosswalk.”

Amy says, “Daniel has a special talent with making people feel comfortable and incorporating a personal quality with his conversations.”

Amy is the smart, logical one who is understanding and caring. Eleana is the loving one who is empathetic and has a good sense of humor.

Even though the three are triplets, their parents don’t treat them differently—however, they often encourage them to work together.

The one thing Daniel doesn’t like about being a triplet is “the pairing.”

“It’s kind of upsetting because you can never get your own spotlight. We’re all grouped together, but at the same time it’s nice to share memories with those two.”

Being a triplet can be competitive, but it tends to only help the Madrens be more successful.

Even with their flaws like loud, slow eating or messy rooms, the three have big hearts for each other.

“I know them, I’ve grown up with them, and I know who they are,” Daniel says. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”