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Romance is Dead, and It's Our Generations Job to Revive It


Romance is Dead, and It's Our Generations Job to Revive It

Harley Gifford

Young adults of today watched the Disney princess movies or the classic '80s movie romances as children. Most girls wanted to find a love like that. Maybe some wanted a kiss in the rain, a large “I love you” sign, or to have the boy of their dreams throw rocks at their window to confess their love.

Today it seems to be challenging to be a hopeless romantic in this generation.

Whether you are a boy or a girl, finding love in today’s society is not an easy task.

Before this generation, it was still unlikely for people to be as romantic as the movies. However, it seems that the chance of that happening nowadays has declined much more.

Being a “hopeless romantic” does not mean that you believe in fairytale love, but you believe that there is one person for you out there that is willing to go through anything to catch and keep your heart. A hopeless romantic is willing to get hurt if they know it will eventually lead to the person they want to spend the rest of their life with.

The teenagers of today’s society would most likely look at this as being ridiculous. “I do not want to get my heart broken just to have to wait and find someone else,” they would probably say to themselves.

Technology seems to be the biggest cause for this issue. It has given them everything right at their fingertips, and it makes life too easy.

“Back then” people could not just send a text or a DM to ask “What’s up?” or “Wanna hangout?” People would actually have to go up to a person to talk to them, drive to their house to see them, or make plans to meet up somewhere.

This time period has changed “dating” into “talking”.

The cute dates where people would go to dinner, to the movies, roller skating, on a picnic, or to a carnival have turned into just sitting around and texting each other.

Today the most common “date” for teenagers is coming over to watch Netflix. Yes, watching movies together can be fun, but that has turned into the generation’s idea of a date now.

With everything coming so easy to them, they are so afraid to put themselves out there. They are afraid to be hurt, embarrassed, or judged.

This generation looks at the hopeless romantics on Twitter or Instagram, saying how they wish that someone would make romantic gestures for them like they do.

But when people do that in reality, they get made fun of or judged.

Teenagers are not trying to create the romantic gestures themselves even though they want them so badly.

It is time that this generation steps up and starts trying again. If you want love, it will not come easily. It is time that everyone starts becoming hopeless romantics.