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Harrison Students Raise Money to Travel Worldwide


Harrison Students Raise Money to Travel Worldwide

Alexis Girven

Harrison is holding trips to remote locations such as Costa Rica and Ireland this Summer, Panama next summer, and Australia in 2020. The school trips have been sponsored by businesses, such as Greek’s Pizza, to help raise money in order for students to visit these breathtaking areas of the world.

The students themselves have also worked hard to raise money for the trips. For some students, their hard work has tremendously paid off.

Junior Caroline Hawkins, among the many who are attending the upcoming trips and have done a tremendous amount of fund raising for them, plans on going to both Ireland and Costa Rica.

“So far I've fundraised in several ways,” said Hawkins. “(I’ve) worked Purdue football and basketball games, sold food, and I’ve sold small gifts like bags.”

She is already excited for the adventure that awaits in Costa Rica and Ireland. “In Ireland I'm most excited for the Blarney Castle,” Hawkins said. “I think it'll be awesome to kiss the Blarney Stone.”

“In Costa Rica, I'm most excited for seeing all of the wildlife like zip lining over the forest. Oh!” she added. “And the food!”

Another Harrison student, senior Leland Kauffman, is planning on accompanying her on the vacation to Ireland. He too has done an immense part in fundraising for his jaunt.

“I have worked at the Purdue football games as a chicken tender and fry boy and getting ice,” Kauffman said.

He is also thrilled to be going, but is unsure of what the trip will be like.

“Well I never been there,” Kauffman said. ”But I'm looking forward to spending time there and having a great time.”